I recommend reading the visitor pages because you or someone you know may be experiencing the same troubles in your life.  God really does care about you as He does all of His children.  These pages exist to help God's children and if you are reading them God is watching and He cares about you.  Odds are better that average God lead you here to help answer your questions.

On 6/12/2009 7:34 AM, a visitor wrote:

When I visited your site early this year, I knew God wanted me to read what you have written.  I have gone to several churches and I feel most of the times the preachers are lying to the congregation.  There are times I used to feel like the preacher is controlling the minds of the people so that they cannot think beyond what the preacher is telling them.

BES> You have made a correct observation.  Some of them resent the fact that Jesus is a personal savior and friend.  They can speak it with their mouths but their hearts do not enjoy the actual working concept that He can speak with guide and teach His children one on one without the preacher's help.  But sometimes God uses people like me to help people.  People who are directly connected to God in a special way and without direct connections to organized religion.  Sometimes people ask what is the best churches in my opinion and I can certainly point them in the right direction.  This doesn't make the other organized religions very happy with me.
BES> Organized religion from its onset has been used to manipulate and control the population.  The Catholic church is without question an excellent example.  Smaller organized religious groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses are an excellent example of how people can be manipulated in the name of God to do and believe all kinds of things the Bible itself preaches against.  Of course the Catholic church does the very same kinds of things.  "Call no man father" but the Catholics preach and teach it without regard to God's commands.  In doing so the real meaning in the message God intended for His people is lost with them.

I tried to talk to some few friends about it, my sisters but we were not in agreement because whatever the preacher says is the truth.  I stopped going to church but I have not let my faith go because I know God is real and Jesus Christ is real. 

BES> Jesus Christ is without question exactly who He said He was.  He takes a very bad rap thanks to organized religions using his name in order to manipulate the population.  One day these people will be held accountable for their mistakes and for misleading God's children.  I know that Jesus is who He said He is because I've been dead twice, walked among the spirits, was taken by angels to meet with our Lord and one who I call "The Ancient of Days."  Either that old man was Enoch or Elijah but I'm going to guess it was Enoch as he is the older of the two and neither died.  The Creator God revealed to me in some detail why He had to become human, live and die as he did in order to create a method of salvation for His people.

BES> In the name of Jesus only has power when used correctly and with understanding.  Jesus was the name given to him by the Romans.  Yashua or Joshua are more acceptable human names for our Lord.  He is known by other names in the heavens and now and then you will come across one of them mentioned on earth.  "Lord of Light" and Cheops which means "Lord of Light" was a named used by Enoch.  Of course Lord of Light means God of Truth but when you see Him in the spirit His light is so very great.  What lights our darkness ?  The sun and physical lights.  What lights our world of understanding?  The truth, so that we do not live in darkness believing lies.  Now I share a secret with you.  The Holy Spirit itself is the spiritual signature of Christ.  Those who have the indweling of the Holy Spirit of Christ, when they pray they automatically pray in the name of Jesus Christ.  And their prayers continue to the father until they are answered by the Father.

I read my bible I pray to God and I know that whatever you are
telling people is true.

BES> I may be one of God's more inept agents.  :-(  But I do what I can when I can.  I know He loves me enough to slap me around now and then when I get off track.  ;-)  At other times we have a good laugh together.

Usually I have dreams and they usually come out as
I had dreamed.  At times I have a feeling about something and it usually
turns out like I had thought.  The other time I went to the bank to transfer
some money, which I thought I had in the account but found I didn't have.  I
was about to faint because I had to pay the money, just right then I had
some words in my heart 'Let Your Heart not be Troubled"  I left the bank
with a lot of ease because I knew it is God who had spoken.  After some time
we were given some awards in form of cash and I was able to transfer the funds where I wanted.

BES> God gives us what we need, usually not what we want but it never hurts to ask. :-)Here we live one pay check to the next trying to pay the bills.  But we eat well and we have a roof over our heads.  We have our family and friends and count our blessings sometimes when things go wrong.

I tell people God talks to people and they don't

BES> I've had them tell me I'm crazy for telling them things like that.  So you are among good company in that respect.

I divorced with my husband because he became very abusive and
sleeping out, after I moved out I met a lady who used to visit us at our
home, instead of her stopping to talk to me she just turned her head towards
me like she was laughing at me and she left.  I felt very hurt and I
wondered how could she treat me like that, was it because she was still married and I was divorced. 

BES> Religious people do that because in their minds they think they judge with right judgment when they have no idea what right judgment really consists of.  I can give examples from the Bible and when Jesus healed people of all walks of life he told them go your way and sin no more.  He associated with the sinners because that's where He felt more comfortable.  Besides those who are "righteous" in their own minds will not accept Him.  Did Jesus turn his nose toward the sinner?  Nope!  Who did He turn his nose to? The religious minded are the ones he said "leave them alone."

For that whole week I felt bitter towards her
and no matter how hard I tried to forget I couldn't.  After a week I had her
husband died in a road accident, and I felt bad because I thought it was
because of the way I felt towards her.  Please let me know whether I have some certain gifts I don't know about or is just coincidence. 
God Bless you

BES> The woman who threatened my life all because I delivered a message to her and her church from God said "I could kill you and God would forgive me" and I said "Yes I expect He would."  Shortly after that her preacher had a heart attack and lost his church.  Her oldest daughter was killed in a car accident, drinking and driving with another student from their Baptist collage.  Her younger son was arrested for armed robbery.  Her older son took sick and nearly died.  Her husband divorced her.  Do I think this had anything to do with her threatening me because I delivered a message to her from God and she refused to accept it?  Without any doubt that's what it was about.  Bad things were about to happen to these people anyway and God sent me not only to show me what was going on but to try to help them.  When they refused the help God sent them she made certain statements as if on God's behalf when God didn't sanction or send her and God was paying attention.  I don't blame myself for what happened to them.  They did it to themselves.  She did it to her entire family and did it all thinking she was doing God's will.

BES> So yes it is quite likely this woman's problems are things she brought onto herself and onto her own family.  This is not your fault.  But you must understand that when God's angels watch over His people nothing goes unnoticed.  Not only that we must be very careful what we say and what we think in regards to other people.  Energy must go somewhere and when it hits the wall it returns to those who sent it.  And when God does not approve God sends it back and tells the person who sent it so they will understand.  You may understand a slap on the wrist but this woman would not have understood so her slap was much greater.  You know how people say "they won't understand or listen until they hit rock bottom."  Something must shake them enough to cause them to make a new choice.  Many people still make the wrong choice but now and then someone will choose correctly and turn to God.  Hate in general is a bad thing and works inside people like acid to consume them.  God understands we must go through a process to absolve our problems because we are human.  He gives us time to set our lives straight under such conditions.
BES> Now and then something odd and unexpected will happen.  Once in a very great while something good can come from Nineveh.  ;-)

BES> As I've said on one or more of my pages.  I get the worst hate mail and insults from Catholics who are completely blinded by Catholic dogma.  Some of them actually tell me how they feel sorry for me and will pray that I "get a clue." ;-)  I get some of my best compliments from Catholics who God has lead into the Light* of truth.  The following is an example.
(* "Light" as in Spirit of Truth.)

Sheryl writes... 6-15-2009

Hello Bryon:

I just spent the whole weekend reading your entire website. 
I was so drawn in by the content and have never read anything word for word as I did your site.  It was like a good book, I could not put it down.  I just loved your opinions about religion and I share that same opinion.  I still say to this day that it was the best thing that ever happened to me when I left the Catholic Church and organized religion. I used to ask questions and basically got humiliated by the nuns and priests in school.  You are told the whole time you are in school, the only dumb question is the one that you do not ask.  I asked and got in trouble for doing so.  I got sent to the principal for disrupting the class and basically just asking a question.  I was smart enough to figure out that they did not have the answer.  That was all.  I used to always ask my mom, why did God give me intelligence when I am not allowed to use it. The way we live in 2009 is not the way life is supposed to be.  I don't think God meant for us to have all these man made laws and be regulated in every part of our existence including our thoughts.

Below are a few of my experiences, they are very trivial compared to what you have experienced.  When I was very young, I  remember laying in bed in the darkness, light would appear in my room, bright lights and they would dance and circle my ceiling.  I would hear voices talking and laughing.  I remember them to this day and that was over 40 years ago.   The voices and laughter would echo throughout my room.  I told my parents about this happening and they told me it was my imagination.  Time went on and it continued.  Then when I was about 10, I don't know if my mind was playing tricks or what, but I was laying in bed and in the next couple of seconds, my nose was just about touching the ceiling.  I turned to look down and I saw my body laying on the bed.  I got very scared and that quickly, I was returned back to my body.  I felt the jolt.  I had a lot more occurrences similar to these.  I don't know what happened, but I know they happened.  As time went on, life just got a bit stranger and stranger for me.  My senses became heightened.  My sense of smell, taste and my hearing became more pronounced and they are still like that to this day.  I hear and smell things before others do which I find is strange.  It is almost like I can sense danger.  You know a dog has good ears and I hear things before my dog does and he does not miss a thing.  I know when I get pains in my stomach that things are not going to turn out well.  The old gut feeling really hurts at times.  BTW, the out of body thing that I experienced, my husband also had the same experience except his went much further and led him into another room, he got scared the same as I always did and went right back into his body with the same jolt.

Several years ago, I underwent surgery which was supposed to be in and out and it did not turn out that way.  Somehow, I began to bleed internally and I told the nurse that I did not feel well and she just gave me a shot for nausea and another shot for pain.  It knocked me out and they told my husband that I would have to stay overnight for observation.  Well, fortunately, the doctor came in and I was not looking good he said.  He was feeling around and he just touched my stomach and he freaked out.  They went into the hall and grabbed a gurney and called everyone in to help get me on.  On the way down to yet another surgery, I could not breathe and felt like I was smothering.  They knocked me out for surgery and was brought back to the recovery room in intensive care.  I remember people talking around me.  I heard the doctor telling my husband and my parents that they did not think I was going to make it through the night. Everyone was crying, but I could not wake up.   I tried and tried. My husband asked if he could bring our daughter in to see me and they said for a short time and everyone left the room.   I was on a respirator and could not breathe on my own.  I was looking down at my body, but was not in my body.  I felt no pain, no nothing.  I looked around the room and all I saw was a bluish light which began to get brighter and brighter and closer and closer. It was weird and I remember it all so well. At this point I heard a  voice and the voice was calling mommy.  She was asking if I was sleeping and I my husband said yes that mommy needs to rest.  She is very sick.  I remember her saying I will make you better mommy, I will take care of you, you always take care of me.  At that point, I came back.  I actually woke up and the doctors were amazed as well as my family.  Within two days, I wanted to get up and get on with life as though nothing happened to me.  The doctor said that you must have a very strong will, I said maybe, but my daughter brought me back.  I don't know if this is what they call a near death experience, but it is an experience that has changed my life in so many ways.

I have been encountering spirits over the years.  Some have been very good and some have been little stinkers moving things around on me etc.  Some of the spirits have actually touched my shoulder.  Swatted me in the back of the head.  I have a lot of vivid dreams like some that you have shared.  The one dream that I remember that really stuck with me and I was just telling my husband about it the other night was the one where I walked outside my house and I just looked to the sky and  a women was there before me in the sky standing on a snake, the snake was crushed.  She was holding the earth in one hand and a bleeding heart in the other.  It was just like it was real, like I was awake.  She told me everything was going to be okay and then my dream took me to a field just outside of my friends house and looking over at the field they are beginning to build houses and I started to see explosions and fire and the ground started shaking.  What I have learned since my dream is that these houses are being built on a fault line.  I don't know if this is a premonition of something to come.

It was late one night and the phone rang and I picked it up and I said Nana passed didn't she.  My dad was so shocked, he said yes and how did you know.  I told him something woke me up way before the phone rang and it was my Nana and she said everything is okay and she must go.  This leads to the next experience .  My dad was very ill and the hospital told me that it could be anytime now.  We brought him home to pass as he wanted.  I was sitting with him that day and he was in and out and it looked like he wanted to go, but just was holding on.  I was standing at the foot of the bed and he opened up his eyes and said to me who is that lady standing behind you.  I told my dad not to be afraid that she is here to take you home.  I had to leave him to pick up my daughter and my step mother was with him. I told my dad before I left that it was ok to go, we will be fine and if I don't get to see you again before you go, that I will see you on the other side.  He smiled and grabbed my hand.   I went home and my step mother said that he was still holding on and that I should probably get some sleep.  My daughter and I were up  watching TV, we both could not sleep.  We were sitting opposite from each other and all of a sudden a ball of light came and hovered over the TV.  It was glowing yellow and orange.  It was bouncing a bit and then would stop.  Then all of a sudden it just flew up our stairs.  I didn't want to say anything to my daughter just in case I would scare her and she said mom, did you just see that ball of light and I told her yes I did.  She said what was that.  I said that I think it was PopPop saying goodbye.  The phone rang and it was my stepmother saying that your Dad had passed just a little while ago.  So my daughter and I concluded that the orb was my Dad saying goodbye.

We have since moved to a new home and I now see a man in our home.  At first it was just a glimpse and now I get a good look.  He sits on the couch.  He is now showing himself to my daughter.  I did not tell her or my husband what he looks like or is wearing.  My daughter told me the exact clothes and his hair color, but she can not see his face.  I guess she is building on whatever you call these sightings or visits.   I know my dog and cat get freaked out from time to time and my dog will stand there barking or he will slink away.  The refrigerator door opens and closes.  The cupboards open and close.  If the house is quiet, you can hear someone walking up and down the stairs, opening and closing the doors in the basement.  In fact, the basement is where I first encountered him. I went into the basement to a spare refrigerator that we have there and I felt something go right through me.   I ran up the stairs like a baby, you would think that I would be used to it by now.  I used to experience these things at my old house, someone would brush past me at times, some were cold and others were warm.   I was telling my mom and step dad about this and my step dad said that I must be able to see past the current dimension for some reason.  He was trying to be logical I guess, but this has been going on all my life, as far back as I can remember. 

It is very hard to find someone that believes and I am very glad that I found your site.  I have many more stories that I could tell you about the "rides", in addition to the spirit stories, but will keep it at that for now.  I probably could write a book lol!   I am just glad to see others that have stories like mine and to know that I am not crazy and I am very grateful for all your hard work and research that you put into your sight.  I thank you again and keep up the good work.  

Take care and God Bless!


The messages from happy visitors keep flooding in faster than I can put them on here.

I have stacks of messages from visitors I would love to place on here for everyone to read. Right now I'm very busy, swamped in fact and trying to get things done.  People catch me while I'm on line and recognize who I am.  They want to chat and share their experiences with me on line.  For all those demons who like to write to tell me how crazy I am and that no one is listening, HA!  Take that.  You know where your end will be.

Jeffrey says thanks!

You know I never thought to even say thank you for all the question you answer for me and how you have this sight I was lead to find. So I gratefully thank you for the of spiritual things website soo much. I have read some topics over and over and see you use a lot of scripture. I started to highlight and find where they are in the bible and its amazing how they are right there in front of your eyes. Also when I was reading a book in the bible called Romans today I also recalled info from your sight that lined straight up with the word. I wanted to thank you so again thank you a lot for this site because it has not only help me understand and look for truth more but have a hunger for it, so again Bryon thank you!!!!!!!!=D

On 7/30/2009 5:26 PM, Geary Davis wrote:

> I understand what you are saying about finding the truth on your own. Well before I knew any of the information that I know now, I always felt that there was so much more to this life than what was being taught to me in my local baptist church.

I got kicked out of two Baptist churches and they are among the worst for limiting and controlling what their people are allowed to have in their search for truth.

It was a Baptist from one of those churches who threatened my life.  It was her church where God showed me the entire place was filled with people who had the spirit of religion and not one of them were actually saved.  One can't be saved without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  And when God spoke through my mouth to them they said all kinds of hateful things.  They said I was lying to them, blasphemy, causing them to doubt their salvation and all the while it was God trying to warn them they needed to doubt their salvation because they were not saved.

So I learned what Jesus was talking about when his disciples  asked him about the Pharisees.  He said leave them alone they are blind guides.  He also said "Lest they should turn to me for me to save them."  Because a person who thinks they are saved when they are not will be the very first to tell people never doubt your salvation.  What they don't understand is a person who really is saved won't even think of those words to tell them to someone.  Only a person with a spirit of religion says things like that.  These are terms demons use to protect their hosts.  The moment a person begins to doubt they may seek God in truth and find him.  That could cost the demon shadow thing their home.  When demons feel the least bit threatened by truth they say certain things and some of those things are literally quotes from the Bible.

A person being saved knows they can go to God anytime and ask for blessing and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit even though they have it all ready.  There is no harm in it.  Because this is how God can bless his people by passing along the spirit between them.  Sometimes gifts of the spirit are passed along like this even though someone is all ready saved they can receive a spiritual gift from someone else.  You won't see this in the Baptist churches, except maybe the Missionary Baptists.

> There were so many questions that I desired to know the answers to, but I had no one to ask. It wasn't until that I met my then future father-in-law that I began to be taught some of these mysteries. Honestly, organized religion didn't make any sence to me, and I was being taught that it wasn't susposed to because that's what faith was about. I was told that God and Christ wasn't susposed to be somethig that we could understand in the context of science and modern understanding. I believed that God was supreme, and His existance would be clearly seen in ALL of creation. Some people are afraid to look for the Living Word of God, because they are afraid of what they will find. Sometimes it's difficult for people to accept that most of what they've been taught has been a lie... Satan's lie.

This is all factual and well said.

But God is the inventor of all sciences and math and we are only just discovering some of these wonders.
And science will verify the existence of God when approached with an open mind and heart seeking the truth.
God uses His nature to preform wonders and miracles and things like what happened in the plagues of Egypt and the burning of Sodom.

Then God orchestrated the events with Moses and God's will was done, the children were set free.  But while free in body they were not free in spirit and they wandered for another 40 years trying to get rid of the old ones who held so tightly to pagan things they had learned while in Egypt.

> Out of all of the visions, dreams and visions you've had, what was the biggest eye opener for you?

I was 20 years old.  I lived at 312 E 12th street in Joplin, MO.  This is where God took me in spirit and showed me a great fire like that of the sun and I was falling and I called out to Him and a great hand came down to me from above.  As I grabbed for it I fell away from it.  This happened three times then I realized what was happening.  I folded my arms and said "God save me" and that hand swooped me up.  I found myself floating over my bed in my room and the entire house was shaking like a earthquake.  The thunder was deafening.  Then God spoke from the thunder and gave me that message that set me into the category of Numbers 12:6.  These are recorded in my personal pages under "My Big Call From God."  Or my second big call from God. I can't remember.

That message let me know without any shadow of a doubt what God expected of me and how I was to deal with it.  We can't save ourselves but only God can save us and then only if we are willing.  He also let me know that we should not do Him any favors.  Those who are called and lead by God will go and speak when God sends them.  Those who are lead by religion will go just because their church tells them.  These are two completely different things.

So I learned to listen to the Holy Spirit and watch my dreams for more messages.  God has sent angels to talk with me but mostly when the travelers come I can feel them but can't see them.  They check on me and they watch.

I admit when the shadow of death took me that night that was a real eye opener and very intriguing.

When the angel came to tell me my mother was going to die that was an angel I could see and terrifying as it was I looked into the angels eyes and had never seen anything quite so wondrous.  I wasn't afraid of this angel but I was concerned about the message.  They say the eyes are the windows of the soul.  Just imagine what the eyes of an angel look like.  They were pure white with a depth that my own eyes could not focus upon.  These eyes held infinity and a great light.  And so when I write my Ember Reign novels I frequently hide truths within them and I write it as science fiction fantasy.  I know that if someone reads them who has seen similar things they will know those parts are not fiction but they are based on truth.

God has allowed me to walk in the spirit among the spirits to see things human eyes can not see.  But Elijah saw them because his eyes were opened.  God showed me how it is that demons can be with so many people at the same time and they make / grow shadow entities and they see what these shadow entities see.  It is how they see into our world and how they are able to take possession of people without the demon itself coming to our world.  You could call it remote control.  There are laws and rules in the spirit world.  Just as the Holy Spirit can be passed along from one person to another, planted like a seed then it grows inside that person the demon shadow "things" do the very same thing only on a much larger scale.  This is because the devil is the prince of this world.  Weeds outnumber the good crops, the good seed.  We are like strangers in a hostile world. We walk among them.  We fight against them simply by speaking the truth and delivering the message when and where God shows us.
On 8/4/2009 11:00 AM, Jeffrey wrote:

> How do you know the holy spirit is bound or un-bound?

People who have the indwelling Holy Spirit bound up don't realize it. They are not able to know the difference because they have never experienced the spirit being free.  They bind it through believing in lies and misconceptions.  They command the Holy Spirit to shut up when it tries to help them understand important things.  A voice tells them in their minds that when the truth is presented to them it is of the devil and not of God.  So you can see when people think the voice of Christ is of the devil then it turns their understanding upside down.

> And if it is bound how would you release it?

You turn your entire life over to God and ask Him to guide you and then you listen real close for His directions through the Holy Spirit.  You don't begin slamming doors based on religious concepts.  You open your mind and look for truth anywhere the Spirit leads you.  Then you trust God to show you the way.  If something is bad God will show you in time to prevent you from doing some harm to yourself.  But when people block the truth from the Spirit of God they instantly limit their understanding to religious concepts that were not given to them by God but rather by man under the influence of Satan.

> when a person receives the holy spirit is it enough to prove from the fruit they bear or when they receive it is it a weird feeling that they remember?

I felt the Holy Spirit enter me and even now and then it will move inside me and I can feel it.  It's a strange feeling.  I doubt everyone has the same experience, but I know there are others who have.  Sometimes if I am near another spirit the Holy Spirit is aware of it will move inside me like that.

> why do people remember how long they have been save yet i here stories of people who relize they werent and have been lying for 20+ years of false conversion?

Why do you hear the stories?  Because sometimes people become awakened to the fact they had a spirit of religion instead of the Holy Spirit.  It happens all the time but people usually don't hear much about it.  If you hear one case there's 100's more you didn't hear about.

> what exactly is an apostle?

There were 12 apostles and they were friends of Jesus.  The reason Paul is sometimes considered to be the 13th apostle is because he met Jesus in a vision on the way to Damascus to persecute the Christians.

> do apostles have to see jesus christ himself and be called by him only?


> does god like when you play around with him ?(for example i say hi5 when im done praying and randomly)

God / Jesus has a wonderful personality and sense of humor.  He loves being our personal friend and savior.  He is far more understanding than those bound by religion.  With him things are fairly simple on most levels.  It's the math, the days and other related things that everything becomes more complex.  The good thing is we don't have to understand the making of the universe in order to do what we were called upon to do.  If he came in person to your house and you offered him a glass of wine or beer it would be perfectly acceptable.  A hi5, no problem.

> what really is the interpetation of tougues? what is tougues?

Tongues is the first and simplest form of the gifts of the spirit.  People like to argue that because it is so simple it is also insignificant and not needed.  What these do not comprehend is the fact that spirits speak many languages and in order to deal with the spirits one needs to be able to allow the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to communicate.  When this function is in full use and has full abilities to communicate it commands other spirits.  It receives information from angels and other spirits and conveys these messages to it's host human.  Most of these conversations take place silent in the spirit and no one else ever hears them.  Many times conversations take place between my indwelling spirit and I may know it's happening and have no idea what is being said.  In order for this to happen the spirit must give me an interpretation.  Most of the time it's not necessary.  The indwelling spirit knows exactly how to deal with many other spirits and doesn't need to notify me what is being said.

So when you realize what all the Holy Spirit needs to do in order to give you spiritual power then you understand being able to communicate with other spirits is critical.  Yet those who say it's not important are mislead and do not understand the full implications and need for this very first and simple gift of spiritual languages.  Then they wonder why they have no spiritual abilities.  Then they say God doesn't speak to people anymore.  They rationalize on the one side that such gifts have ended and yet the Bible itself says on the other that in that day your sons and daughters will prophesy.  But if it were not possible then God could not speak to these sons and daughters to allow them to prophesy.  Therefore they make their own teachings null and void having no ability to realize that wrong religious concepts have bound their spirits.

> when using any of the gifts do you feel any different?

Yes, some gifts produce a kind of rush and some a kind of narcotic effect.  This is why some people like the snake dancer religions become addicted to it.  Others seek being slain in the spirit and there's a shocking paralyzing effect that produces a kind of euphoria hypnotic effect.  People get hooked on these things like a drug.  Yes the Holy Spirit can do these things, but when you stop and ask "why" you must also understand that not everyone who has the Holy Spirit uses it wisely to benefit the Kingdom of God.  It is not for me to judge those people, it is not why I am here.  I am here to answer questions and help people get pointed in the right direction with their gifts.  Perhaps some of them will find their way and eventually help others finding their way.  At the same time I know they turn others away simply by putting on a show that to a logical mind makes these people seem like idiots.  I'm sure God is not very pleased when this happens.

> can anyone pass solomon in his wisdom?

I don't know, maybe.  Jesus said there would be people in the future who would preform greater miracles than He preformed.  I would not be surprised if someone today having the Holy Spirit does not surpass King Solomon.  He lived in his day and time and we live in our day and time.  Some wisdom is universal but other wisdom exists now that did not during his time.  I can fly an airplane.  I was a professional SCUBA diver.  I ran an electronics shop and I'm a HAM radio operator.  I shoot and edit video production.  I write novels.  To some that sets me a little bit above the average person in intelligence.  Wisdom on the other hand is the ability to use intelligence.  Would I want to go up against Solomon?  I think I would rather not.  I think he would astound the world with his wisdom even to this day.  Is there someone out there today who could be his equal?  Sure there could be and no doubt there is.  Who it is I wouldn't know.

> can anyone pass elijah or moses in their relationship with god? is their anyone bravier then king david?

I have no knowledge of anyone living or dead who has ever come near the relationship that Enoch, Elisha, Elijah and Moses has had with God.  Abraham was the father of faith and God came in the form of a man and spoke and ate with him yet we do not read of Abraham preforming any miracles.  Yet he had lunch with God and I can't say the same.  He was visited by angels and I have been visited by angels.  I have seen Christ in spirit out of my body.  That's really an experience one will not forget.  Enoch and Elijah didn't die but they dwell in the presence of God even now.  I don't know anyone else who can match that.

I am aware of pagan texts that say certain others never died and were taken to heaven to be with God, yet not one of them can prove anything and have no witnesses to verify their story.  Elisha had twice the spirit of Elijah and he died and was buried.  As it was written people who hated him traveled miles to dig up his bones and throw them into a ditch.  Yet even his bones held healing power to that day.  Mohammad was said to have ascended to the heavens yet in fact he died was buried in the ground.  So I ask, if Moses who led the children of Israel from captivity in Egypt, met face to face with God and brought forth water from a rock and called down manna/food from the sky died and was buried then who is Mohammad (a known child molester, thief and murderer) that God should think more highly of him?  I say no.

King David was had more faith and courage than any of the soldiers of Israel and he was a sheep herder.  Yet there are solders today who I am sure could match his courage.  Being a sheepherder wasn't an easy task.  He had to keep the wolves and mountain lions away from his flock with a stick and a slingshot.  How would any of us like to give that a try?  ;-)  I'll pass.

> sorry for the load of questions man but need to get some things straightened out haha=)

Don't we all?  ;-)

God bless,



"I could make a friend, it could happen."  (Monk )

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