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People contact me from all over the world with all kinds of questions about God, ghosts, spirits, aliens, UFOs, religion, wealth, sex, marriage, if you can think of it you can just about bet someone has asked me.  I have no Ph.D.'s but I have had some unusual experiences in my life as well as close encounters with spirits and beings not of this world.  Solomon asked God for wisdom and as such was given what he asked for.  To this day he is revered as the wisest man who ever lived.  I asked God for a lot of things I didn't get.  I don't really care to be rich but like many I asked for a means to pay the bills. I could care less for fame, I can see what that gets people and some of it isn't desirable.  A few things God did give me were not exactly what I had expected.  I learned one must be careful what one asks for, they just might get it at a high price.  Then I considered asking for the understanding of spiritual things and low and behold God took me on an eye opening adventure.  This is why this website is called "Spiritual Things."

When God decided to answer my prayer and give me what I asked for He saw fit that we should meet.  I lived in the woods and was glad to have sewer but I literally had to climb on the roof and fill a water tank to have running water to wash and flush the toilet.  Imagine paying rent on a place that doesn't even have water!

One Winter night I heard something moving around outside my little brown trailer.  I heard something moving around the end just outside the bedroom.  I heard the pile of firewood fall that I had stacked at that end of the trailer.  I had dogs outside and not one of them barked, and it wasn't a dog who knocked the pile of wood down.  I got my pistol and went out to find all the dogs under the trailer looking toward the back with their tails tucked between their legs.  Tam had pups and these dogs barked at everything, but they didn't bark at this thing.

I looked around the trailer and there was nothing there, nothing the eye could see anyway.  I felt the spirit moving around the trees just beyond my vision and I recognized it as something I didn't want to meet.  I returned to my trailer and exchanged the pistol for my Bible, I began to pray.  The next thing I knew a darkness moved through the side of the trailer and came over me, it was like being smothered in honey. I couldn't move and I couldn't breath!  The only thing I could do was pray so I prayed the thing away from me in the name of Jesus.  I got up in a state of panic!  I had just witnessed "SOME-THING" I couldn't explain.  A shadow with substance!  Finally I returned to bed and I was still praying when the thing came through the wall the second time and did the very same thing.  I prayed it away and got up and paced the floor again.  I realized death was literally knocking on my door.  Finally I returned to bed and here it came again.  This time I realized I needed a different prayer so I simply said "My life is in your hands Lord."

In the blink of an eye I sat up out of my body and looked down to see my body laying there.  I saw my hands first then turned around to see my face and realized I was dead.  I looked at the wall and said "Ok Lord what's next?"  In a flash I was transported through the wall and into a darkness the likes of which I have never experienced.  I saw what looked like a bright white star in the distance and I saw two very large angels who were transporting me, one at each arm.  The star appeared to be growing brighter and larger but was I going to it or was it coming to me.  "Stay away from the light!"  Oh, I heard that in a movie!

Anyway people talk about seeing the bright light and yes I know what the light is now.  Some mention a tunnel that leads to the light.  This is a transition for them but I saw no tunnel.  Finally I could see it clearly and it was a massive floating city of Light.  I saw a very old man's face appear to the right above the city and he smiled at me.  Then I saw the Christ appear over the left side of the city and him wearing a simple golden crown with 12 points, which I counted three times.  He smiled and the angels returned me to my body.

My LORD my body was freezing when I got back into it!  I was setting there looking down at my legs and they were like blocks of ice!  I saw my hands before me yet there they were laying beside my legs.  Then a irresistible force pulled me back into my body.  I felt my hand upon the flashlight I had taken with me to bed.  I clicked the on switch but it did not come on.  Again I clicked it and it did not come on.  Then I clicked it the third time and it came on.  I was restored to my body and without the process of waking I leapt and landed on the floor wide awake with the memories of what I had seen burned into my mind.  Of course God gave me a larger message while I was there but this is a discussion and visitors's page, a place to share our experiences and thoughts.

This was my first experience with death, I met the Messiah Yashua/Jesus.  I saw a great huge cube shaped city of Light that is just one of those mansions Jesus mentioned.  "In my Father's house are many mansions."  It is a dwelling place of spirits and souls who have been redeemed.  This city of Light belongs to those of the earth from this age from Adam and Eve until the second coming of the Messiah.  Every world that has had life cultivated by the Creator has a city of Light similar to this.

This is a short account of my first death and return.  I was given an understanding of several things right up front from this experience.  The shadow of death is a real spirit like a shadow that has substance.  It feels like being smothered in honey.  The Great City of Light is a dwelling place for souls, it exists in another dimension that is linked to our world.  In this realm the cities are the stars that light the darkness, and the Creator is the Lord of Light who illuminates these cities.

There is one who is called the Ancient of Days and this is a man who never died, but lives on in this great city of light.  For some reason it was important not only for me to see him but for him to see me.  I am only aware of two men who did not die but were taken straight to Heaven, they are Enoch and Elijah.  The older of course is Enoch, who walked with God and did not die but was taken.  When his descendents searched for him on earth they said "He is not to be found, for he is with God."  During his life, 365 years on earth he went into the Heavens many times with the angels and he wrote 365 books about spiritual things as well as physical worlds.  He was the first of the sons of man kind who learned to write.  He gave these books to his sons who passed them on to their children.  The information and stories in these books have been told and retold among all the races upon the earth though the source and many details have been lost.  Among these pages were the original 10 commandments that God gave to Moses.  Meaning they had all ready been written and given to humans through Enoch 7th from Adam before God gave them to Moses.  So when these stories are told by many races as stories handed down by "their god(s)" there is a logical explanation.  Even the Egyptian Book of the Dead contains a copy of the 10 commandments, yet they were a pagan race of people having many gods.

Quite a few things happened between my first and second deaths but the second time I was drawn through an extremely painful experience like walking up an iron staircase barefooted on knives.  The hand rails were covered with poison spiders and they were biting at my hands.  I fell through the doorway between this dimension and that of heaven where I saw and heard the angle choir.  The song they sing is the sound of Creation's Engine.  Then the only female angels I've ever seen asked me if I wanted to remain with them or return to my life.  I then realized my prayer for the understanding of spiritual things was being answered.  I realized that if I did not return that I would never share my story with the living who needed to hear it.  I told them send me back.  Frequently people make me regret that decision but until my job is done I will sing that song God has given me and share my story with those who care to read or listen.

Sometimes People Ask Me For Alternative (non-Christian) Solutions
Sometimes people read some of my pages and realize I really do have some kind of connection to the spirit world.  They want help but they do not want anything to do with answers that might be considered "Christian."  Until now I've not said anything directly about these people or what they ask.  Recently I've been asked again for non-Christian solutions.  The writer said he is Hindu and not interested in Christian solutions.  He is not interested in converting to Christianity.  I am not interested in converting anyone either, that's not why God's angels sent me back that last time.

As he described his problem he told me his family is fairly well off, all but him.  All he wants is prosperity to show the rest of his family he is successful.  I realize there must be some pride and Ego problems among the family.  It appears they treat this son in a way that causes him to feel badly about himself.  Everyone is different.  Even very smart and ambitious people can have a run of back luck / misfortune that leaves them in distress.

He wants to make a deal with spirits who can help him overcome his life's obstacles.  He wants his family to respect him.  I told him making deals with spirits like that is like making a deal with the devil.  Yes you might find spirits who will help for a price.  The trick is the price is always more than what the spirits can or will give.  I know this and if I provide pagan solutions for people then people think I am condoning something other than what I preach and teach.  I am fully aware there are books and websites out there who offer pagan solutions to problems like his.  I don't recommend them but I am a believer in the freedom of religion.  I believe anyone has the right to try other things as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.  Most who try things like this that backfire on them are very reluctant to come tell me what happened.  Sometimes the spirits won't call in the bill for their services for years.  Sometimes people believe they got exactly what they asked for, they just didn't read the fine print.  Hollywood and the world is full of people who have made deals with the devil and demons for prosperity and fame.  It is better to be poor all your life than pay the price that will be applied at the end of the duration of their services.  Jesus said "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."  The eye of a needle was the term used to describe foot paths between homes in some areas of Jerusalem.  People could walk between them but they couldn't bring their camel.  Jesus was saying it's nearly impossible for a rich person to be saved.

Please do not ask me to recommend pagan solutions to your problems.  I do not want to be responsible for giving the devil and his demons power over anyone.  If you choose to seek a pagan solution there are websites and books available.  Please check them yourself but be sure to read the fine print.


Human spirits compresses into a ball and flys through a window.
Hi Bryon,

Thanks for your reply. It's comforting to know I am not alone in this battle. "I exist within the twilight between sanity and insanity. If I say something that sounds completely crazy just read between the lines and understand who wrote it." Too funny!!! I did and do understand you, I also understood what I read of your web site. As for the UFO's yes I have seen them. I saw a lot of them when I lived in California. I now live in Canada in a small country community. You are the first person whom has referred to spirits as balls of light. I have seen evil ones and I have seen a few good ones. But When my mother passed two hours before the phone rang she came to say good bye. She woke me up she said she was sorry and that she had to go now, she asked for one last hug, then she compressed into this ball of light and sped out the window,I moved the curtain and saw it for a bit I thought I saw and eagle far off and then the light ball and the bird were gone. I don't think any one really believed me when I told them what happened. But God gave me a dream 3 years before her death predicting that she would die and it would be in Canada. At that time I was 13 years old living in California with no plans of leaving the state. I haven't forgotten the dreams that left a mark in my mind.

Prophetic Messages
Again when I was very small I had dreams of the end times but i didn't know what they were then. These nightmares have never left me. First was the dreams of great earth quakes. I wasn't just seeing them I was trying to help people and I fell into this deep hole in the asphalt and I was holding a stroller and trying to climb out and then the earth was closing up again, then I woke. That one was not as scary as the fire, I see this huge fire eating the world up and I am scared its coming after me, then I am lifted up and being flown over the fire to another place in the world and the fire is like a tidal wave coming after this big city eating it up and I am choking on the smoke and I am flown away again to be shown more places being eaten by fire and planes are falling cause they cant see and the fire reaches up into the sky to get them. Then I am flown to a high rock and placed there. Its smoky and I can see nothing is left not even a bug and I am there all alone. Its the alone part that broke my heart and great fear, and I woke up.

BES> I have had a few people send me their dreams where they saw the earth on fire or said they were in a night vision where the earth had been burned up.  God said He would destroy the earth by fire.

Last year I read the left behind series and some of it I would have to say wow and some I would have to say they got it wrong.

When you talk about how long it took God to make the earth I agree!! I have gotten into an argument with my husband over that. He thinks it's seven of our days, but he was raised to belive that.

" God frequently gives me cryptic messages that leave me to wonder what He is talking about." A lot of times he uses things to encrypt his message to me. Or he will send me a dream I can not forget or shake. Sometimes I get the message in a short time some have taken years to be revealed.

"Terrible things are coming to the earth and they have all ready begun."

I know, I feel them and it hurts, such deep sadness. Many a time before a great earthquake or some disaster I have great depression, sometimes I cry ( I am not a cry a lot woman), to me I have no reason just a deep morning in me. Then it will happen and a few days later the sadness is lifted. We used to live in the Vancouver BC area, The evil there is growing like an uncontrolled infection. Although I belive California is worse, I don't ever plan on going back to Calf .

BES> CA is seriously messed up.  The spirits over the place is similar to that of Sodom and Gahmorah just before God's angels destroyed them.  God showed me the coast line and all those huge cities going into the ocean.  I returned to see "Father" and I said "do you know what I saw?"  He nodded His head.  I believe He was telling me that He intends to wipe out the evil in CA by dropping it into the ocean along with places desolate and old.

I am going to try not to hide from God. I can't handle the migraines any more and no relief can be found. I went to the hospital and got a shot of demoral and even that didn't stop it. 4 weeks of this excruciating pain. I was also put on a drug that is supposed to block the nerves to my head but the pain is different now and just as bad.

I don't know if you have the emotional link to the awareness of other people. I not only feel another persons personal grief or stress, But I think I feel what God feels to. And when he is angry I am furious, and when he is sad I am beside my self with grief. And I show it all, It all comes out like violent passion. I am then too loud, too blunt, ect. Some days I cant find my self Its like I am not separate from the other person or people.

BES> I am an empath and frequently become ill or have pains that I think are mine then only to learn there's nothing wrong with me it's someone else who's in pain or sick.  I feel God's feelings just like you described and the sadness is overwhelming.  I can also hear Satan reminding God "I told you so."

I belive God led us to where we live now. I can say that God is in our church. Not every one who go's there is one of God's and a few phoney's too, as well as the occasional spy. But there are times when the Holy Spirit of God comes and the place is so full, and I don't want it to end because I don't want to leave.

Thank you again for your reply, and Thank you for your web site. We are at a time where us chosen must hold hands and be stronger than we were. A wall to protect the small ones, he has placed a great burden on us. That is why we had to live such great pain to become a stronghold like non other. We are the grand canyon slowly carved by the hand of God.

God's peace be with you,


Kate Gressner's Book
Kate has had visitations from angels for the past 20 years also has prophetic dreams and she wants to share her story with our visitors.  Her story is in a PDF ZIP file.  Click for download.

As it was prophesied in the Bible "In that day your sons and your daughters shall prophesy."  God drug me through some serious stuff to get me here and one does not experience such things without learning to recognize the finger prints of God via the Holy Spirit of Christ.  After having a conversation with Him and presenting some of my own ideas God accepted the deal that I am happy to work for Him but I would like to do so via my own methods.  That idea was this website.  Reach more people faster.  Let them come to us.  Then God said He would send them to find His messages here via his mouth and dreams and by my hands.

Most of these people who God sends are very important people, some of them are the Elite of God mentioned in Rev. 14.  These people are all being given messages from God to share with the world just as He gives messages to me to share with you.  Now it is my honor to make some of the messages from these people available to you.  You may be shocked and amazed to see that God has done many of the same things with some of these people and see that some of those messages are the same as the ones He's been sending to me.  She's visited by angels.  She has prophetic dreams.  God has revealed to her CA falling in the ocean just as He has to me but she has seen and tells much more about these things than I have so far.

Some of us would have been dead long ago if God's angels had not brought us back to life.  Kate lives and works in Iraq.  You should take time to at least listen to what she has to share.

Update 5-3-2009:  Kate has updated her PDF book and I'm converting it to audio so our visitors here can listen to it rather than read it.  Or listen as they read.  I find it interesting the voice being used by Natural Reader's name is also "Kate."  A rough version of this audio file is being uploaded and will be available.  The moment it is you can click here to "Listen to Kate's book."  I'm reformatting the book now so that it reads smoother and the moment it is on line it will replace the one that's out here now.

I intend to share more visitor messages about these things on this page.  Right now I have work to do. :-)

Stop Right Here!
If you have not yet read or listened to Kate Gessner's book mentioned at the bottom of this page you need to!  Check it out!
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