There are places in this world where people still worship things that are not God.  They not only worship demons / fallen angels but they literally pay someone to place curses on others for various reasons.  They even curse their own family members to keep them under control!
I created this page for one of these people.

I receive messages from different kinds of people from all over the world.  I am not concerned where someone lives or what race they are.  I am only concerned they are challenging their beliefs and searching for the truth.  The closer a person gets to the truth the more the powers of darkness will stand against them.  My friend Ravi knows the cold hard truth about people who worship demons.  He knows because he was raised in a family being taught these demons were gods.  When God called to him and sent the awakening he realized he had been lied to.  He asked God for guidance and God lead him to my Spiritual Things website where he found exactly what he was searching for, the truth.

Ravi wants people to know that such things exist and to share his story with you.
Note: Because of limited space on the page I have limited the contents to the personal story.
Later I may place his entire file on here for download.

Today, the 5th of November 2008, I have started writing my partial life story and also my spiritual experiences.

My name is Ravi and I was born in 1963 into a Hindu Brahmin family. My parents were not that spiritual, meaning going to temples every day or during festivals and not even praying in the house even though we had the photos, idols, etc. I cultivated the same attitude and would never visit any temples except during exams ;-) to request easy passage into the next class.

I am the only son & I have a younger sister. My father was a dominant person and we HAD to listen to him always. Life was never happy with him around. No freedom, no happiness, the less I talk or think of them the better I will be.

I will start my life story from 1984/5.

I was in my final year engineering studying electronics. One day there was an argument with my father. I told him that I am going to leave the house and go away on my own. Well this is when all hell broke loose.
He went to a person called Jain (astrologer/tantrik/black magician) in Frazer town, Bangalore. Jain told him that I am going to be a great person, will make lots of money and go abroad and I will be marrying a Christian girl. (This I got to know later on). My parents do not like Christians. They conducted a big POOJA (rituals/prayer/etc) to keep me in control and get rid of the Christian girl. During this time suddenly I developed a "skull mark" on the left palm.

Before going ahead, please read the section POOJAS AND RITUALS - page 16, come back and continue reading from here. There I have explained the so called POOJAS AND RITUALS performed by the Indian astrologers/tantriks/god men/etc.

Then on my troubles started. I failed in my final exams, lost interest in studies. Somehow I used to earn some money monthly and all would be finished by the end of the month.
Things went on till I got married in 1989. Even here, the girl's father got to know (again through some astrologers) that even if this marriage goes through, there will be another girl in my life and they too did POOJA (rituals/prayer/etc) to their so called god's to keep me in control and to get rid of her. Before conducting the POOJA's, they were told that if I come to know about all these, there will be trouble for them. The girl's father was told not to go ahead with the match since it will be a disastrous marriage. Both the girl's father and my father went ahead thinking how I will get to know what they did behind my back (What do they know or understand about the real GOD's power).

(Now the question is why were they so adamant in getting me married against my fate???)
I got married and life was a struggle for me. I was earning a measly sum and by the end of the month, nothing was left. My wife would listen to my parents and would feed me things given by the astrologer/tantrik/black magicians. There was no personal life too. My wife would keep away from me.

By the year 2000, I had 2 daughters - aged 10 and 1.

In year 2000, I started a company with a partner. He was wanting me to work and bring in the money but he used to spend his time in his family company. This got me frustrated and I told him that I cannot be with him any more. He too had gone to an astrologer and got to know that if I am with him, he will be buttered.

In 2001, I met a "Lady" (will tell more about this "Lady" later on) through the Internet. I was morally down. I wanted someone to talk and share my feelings and griefs. This "Lady" gave me the courage and told me to come out on my own since I could do well without any partners. I never understood what this meant at that time.

By this time, my partner's company was going down and I was being recognised by a multinational company and also being well known among the Indian customers. When I was not in station for 5 days, my partner had obtained a duplicate keys to my room and by the time I got back to Bangalore, he has spread things given by the astrologers in the room.

This "Lady" entered the room first and did prayers to "GOD the father". This was the last straw on my back. I decided to leave my current partner and start on my own. Since I had a PVT. LTD. company, I needed to have another director. My partner resigned and I made my father the director.

This is when more troubles started for me. He was a retired person, but he wanted to know what is the work in progress, who I am hiring and how much I am paying, etc. I told him, i will take care of the company, you relax and lead a retired life. This pissed him off more and started causing trouble for me. (I came to know later on that my ex-partner along with my brother-in-law {sister's husband} were feeding false information to my parents).

They (my sister and her husband) had given the following complaints.

1. I have loans in clubs
2. I take drugs
3. I drink
4. I do not work
5. I have an affair with this "Lady"

1. I have loans in clubs -
I do not have any club membership, then how can I have loans in clubs?

2. I take drugs -
If I was taking drugs, then I would be totally unfit to work and think straight. My health would have gone to the dogs. (At this time I was given a BRONZE medal by the multinational company).

3. I drink -
Yes, I do drink moderately.

4. I do not work -
If I did not work, then how was I managing my house  (my parents and my family were staying together).

5. I have a affair with this "Lady" and I will leave my wife & kids and run away with this "Lady" -
Well !!! for this I had no proof. I left it in God's hand to take care off.

By this time we had shifted our office to a different place. My father wanted me to operate from our house. I point blank refused for I knew his attitude. If I had customers in the house, he would butt in and would poke his nose in all the company affairs. By now, we had opened a company bank account with another bank.

Suddenly I get a letter from the bank saying our account is frozen since one of the directors (my father) had instructed them that there was mismanagement of funds. I closed the account with the bank. By then he had resigned from our company and sent letters to ROC (Registrar Of Companies), Our Auditor and to myself saying if I did not close the company, he would take separate steps to close the company. (He was bent up on ruining me for I would not listen to him, I was 35 years old at this time).

I did not heed to his letter. Again I was forced to have another director since ours is a PVT. LTD. company. When I met the Auditor asking him what to do, he said, if anyone else is appointed as a director, the company can continue.

I had no other option but to request this "Lady" to become a director. She said that she cannot invest. I told her that I do not want any investment but to become a director. She agreed and then the company continued it's operation.

One day I wanted to take my daughter aged 11 to my office. My parents refused to send her with me stating that the "Lady" who is with me is a bad influence on my daughter. We had a verbal fight in the house. My wife too joined them. I left and came to the office. This happened at around 9 AM.

By 11 AM, I get a call from the local police station saying that there is a complaint against me by my father. When I went to the police station, my parents and wife were there. My father had complained that I have goondas and rowdies (anti social elements) as friends, and what if I come with them and threaten them !!!  (Threaten them for what ???). My father was and is a king of assumptions. I explained the situation to the inspector. Finally he said it is an internal matter and did not take any action against me (Thank GOD).

From the time the "Lady" prayed in the old office till now, I would get to know certain things that was done against me by my ex-partner. This I would like a "good boy" go home and tell my parents. They asked me how I got to know, I told them that I got to know through this "Lady" and they also got to know that this "Lady" was a Christian.

When I started telling them that I talk to spirits and am getting to know certain things. They wanted me to go with them to a psychiatrist and also to the astrologers. I told them that I was/am not having any problems from the spirits nor were they hurting me. They are guiding me and telling me things that was done behind me. I refused to go to any doctors or astrologers. It shook them right out of their bones.

They thought I was insane and during this time, my mother and her sister went to a psychologist and got some drugs. My wife started feeding me this drug in my coffee. I got to know this through the "Lady" and stopped eating or drinking in the house. This angered them more. My father went to Jain and did some great rituals to control me and to get rid of the "Lady". This "Lady" was the source of information about what was going on behind my back and they wanted to get rid of that SOURCE.

Due to God's blessing on me, nothing worked right for them. I told them that my wife's people have done and doing black magic against me. This was the last straw for them because the next thing I was going to know was about what my parents did to / against me. During this time, my sister started feeding thrash to my parents.

I was given a choice.

1. Start eating in the house, stop this spirit things, get rid of the "Lady" and become normal with all of us.

2. You go your way, we go our way.

I chose to go with the TRUTH.

Immediately they decided to sell our house and send me away. The house got sold, My sister never wanted me to get any proceeds from the sale of the house but I fought for it and got a paltry sum. I came away with my family. This was on 19th April 2003. They went with the daughter and son-in-law to Mysore (Daughter and son-in-law with their daughter were staying in Mysore).

Here's where the fun starts. Within 1 week of them going to Mysore, my mother got to know there is something fishy about the son-in-law. Nearly a year down the line, the son-in-law ran away leaving his wife and daughter with my parents in the lurches. The son-in-law had fore casted  that I would run away with the "Lady" but the other way happened :-D. He ran away with someone else. The proceeds that my sister and brother-in-law got were all squandered away by him on horse race, wine and women. My parents and sister left Mysore and now are settled down on the outskirts of Bangalore.

I am an electronics engineer by profession and from year 2003, I started tapping the telephone line of our house and started recording the conversations. I got to know many things (in the earthly way) hidden from me.

One day my mother called my wife and asked her is the "Lady" was still with me in the office. When my wife says "yes", my mother said "that "Lady" should rob him and run away with the money, that way he will learn his lessons, we sold the house to teach him a lesson". Now what was the lesson that I had to learn???

Till about 2 years back, our company was doing OK but not up to the mark. We were struggling and making ends meet. The multinational company started giving our company commission from the proceeds of the sales that our company did. My parents got to know about this.

Slowly the revenue to the company diminished and finances were getting tight for us. About 6 months back, one of the pastors came to our house and prayed. There he got to know that again my parents went to astrologers and did some rituals ("if I did not close the company, he would take separate steps to close the company") for me not to come up in life and cut my finances.

About 4 months back, I fell into our sump tank and injured my right hand. This stopped all my work and revenue to the company fell drastically.  I am in a financial mess as I am writing these pages. I have faith in "GOD the father" that he will pull me up and not push me down like my so called earthly father did. 2 weeks back, while cleaning our overhead and sump tank, we found things used by astrologers in performing the rituals. This confirmed that my parents had put something into our water tank to take control of me.

You would ask me why he would do such a thing? or which parent would do such a thing against their only son?

Well ... if my finances were cut and all my financial resources blocked, I would go to him with bended knees and request for help. Then they can come and stay with me (the daughter and son-in-law are no way helpful to them now) and take control of my life again. My father is a dominant character and wants to have everything his way. If I had to come up, it should be due to him and not due to my own efforts. His name has to come before me. That is his attitude.

I am reproducing a part of the email reply from Mr. Bryon Smith for the above reason.

"These false gods they worship are of course fallen angels / demons. Demons are very insecure and take what ever measures they can to protect themselves and their hosts. You became a threat to them so they fortify their hosts against the threat (you)".

My children have got to know what my parents did to me and finally asked them not to come to our house anymore. My children also have got to know from their grandmother (mother's mother) that my parents DID perform black magic against me.

Today as I am writing these pages, I am financially down but not morally for "GOD the father" will lift me up. I have faith in him but I will not go to any astrologers for anything.

Who is this "Lady"? Where she came from? What is she up to? What does she want?

This "Lady" is a catholic by birth. She was born in Goa. She does the work of GOD as instructed by him. She wants nothing in return. She has profound faith in "GOD the father", attends mass every Sunday. She is the one who showed me the path to the true GOD. Today both of us go to Infant Jesus Church every Thursday and I visit the church to thank "GOD the father" every Sunday with my children. Rarely I attend mass since I do not like hypocrites. Catholic Church prayer is stereotype.

Now I am going to narrate my spiritual experience.

Belief and faith is on one side but the real truth is on the other side. One may believe in any form of GOD, but the truth is "GOD the father" is the real living GOD.

Well in the year 2001, after my parents did poojas against me and this "Lady", some incidents started happening. This is the beginning of my spiritual experience.

I was talking to this "Lady" about some issues. Suddenly "she" spoke to me.

She: Leave her and get out of her life
Me: (Perplexed), what are you talking about?

She: I said leave her and get out of her life
Me: (I understood) No, I  wont leave her. Why are you hurting her?

She: I was told to hurt her
Me: What has she done to YOU for you to hurt her? She is a nice person.

She: (Thinks)...... You are a nice person. What can I do? I have been told to hurt her.
Me: You don't have to hurt anyone. Just go away.

She: Where can I go? If I don't hurt her, he will burn me.
Me: Who?

She: Jain. your father went to him
Me: I will pray for you and get you deliverance.

This "she" was a lady spirit who was sent by Jain. Her original earthly name was "Kanya".

After about a couple of hours, she comes back.

She: Ah, now I can see you clearly, when I was an evil spirit, I could see you only as one can see a negative film. Thank you Raviji.
Me: Don't call me Raviji. I don't like it.

She: No, I have to respect you, hence I call you Raviji
Me: As you wish.

Like this, I have spoken to many spirits, persuaded them to leave the path of the devil and take deliverance. Most of them got deliverance and never returned. Some of the spirits were stubborn.

I have spoken to kids, teenage and elderly spirits. Some of these spirits will really irritate you. If you hit it physically thinking that you are hitting the spirit, you will be causing pain to the body of the person through which it is talking to you and not to the actual spirit.

I knew there was something different about this "Lady". I used to observer her keenly when some strange things would occur like a twig falling on the car or her expression and ways. When strange things would happen, she would start praying. 

Some of the spirits are friendly and will listen to your advice. They will request to be delivered and then start coming into the body of this "Lady" just to talk to me. I got friendly with many of them. Some of them are just children aged about 8 or 9. They were sacrificed by their parents for wealth, and their spirits captured by tantriks. Astrologers are no better than tantriks. When you hear their (spirits) life on earth story you will really be moved and also get to know what a cruel world we are living in !!! I had spoken to more than 25 to 30 spirits.

I will narrate one more funny thing in this drama that was happening. These spirits are sent by the astrologers to hurt the "Lady" and me. When I get talking to them, they become friends and get deliverance. Now the astrologer finds out that the spirit has escaped (got deliverance). He sends one more. Like this many of the spirits have been given deliverance and escaped the wrath (burning by) of the astrologers. These astrologers have told my parents that I have a big "PROTECTION". This protection is none other than "GOD my father".

If you hear someone telling you that so and so is a great astrologer, then be sure that he has many spirits helping him. The more number of spirits they capture, they will expand their network and become great. No one on this earth has a right to control over another person or their spirit. Only GOD has the ultimate say and control.

One day I had climbed the chair in our office and was trying to bring down something from the attic. Suddenly this "Lady" grabs my leg from behind and tries to lift me up. I get startled and looked down. This "Lady" had a sheepish and kiddish look on her face and let go of me. Again suddenly this "Lady" told me that it was my son from my first generation who had come and tried to play with me. From them on many of the heavenly kids would come and talk to me, play with me and give me company.

From this time, I gave up on friends and relatives. When I have these heavenly people as my friends and relatives, why would I need earthly people who were only out to harm me.

Those of you in India should watch the Tamil movie "Anniyan". Then you will understand what I am saying. Doctors call it as "Dual Personality", etc. It is pure bullshit. I have spoken to more than 25 spirits through this "Lady", then does this "Lady" have 25 personalities !!! Scientists and doctors do not understand what they cannot prove or see. When they die, they will see the real truth and reality.

This son of mine was born into a mangalorean family and they were my neighbors in Mathikere house (where our own home was). He died at the age of 6 on my lap. He was so fond of me that he would always be smooching me. I was his favorite "Ravi Uncle".

Yes, spirits did come into this "Lady" and talk to me. This "Lady" is none other than my partner/director of our company. We all call her "Mickey". She has the naughtiness of Mickey mouse in her. There are many more experiences that I had, but what I have narrated is more than enough for the sake of the TRUTH.

From here on I will be narrating how I started meeting the elders, angles and saints from the heavens and finally "GOD the father".

One day, while I was talking to Mickey, suddenly found that someone else was calling me SON. This lady introduced herself as my mother from my first generation on this earth but in this generation she was the earthly mother of Mickey. Then on many of the elders would come and talk to me, guide me in my business. I call the elders "papa" and "mama" where as the kids who come would come call me "papa" :-D.

Once when I was talking to mama, I was joking and told her that GOD and me were classmates and we used to play marbles together. He grew up and became GOD and I was left to do electronics designs for customers. With this joke I got to know when "GOD the father" spoke to me later on.

One day while standing outside the office and talking to Mickey, suddenly I hear her telling me "Hi Pal" and smiling at me. It was "GOD the father" calling me his "PAL" since I had told mama that he was my classmate.
From that day, everyday he comes often and guides me in my business.

One day someone else started talking to me. His English was not clear. It was something like that spoken by Spanish/Italian people. He took my pen out of my pocket and drew a long line on my hand. Then he introduced himself as Jesus. From that day any time he comes, he has to draw a line on my hand with my pen. When this happens, Mother Mary glares at him and Jesus quickly stops scribbling on my hand.

We had found some black magic stuff in our office. We decided to take it to St. Antony's church in Dhornahalli near Mysore. After depositing those things there and offering prayers we were returning back. Suddenly I heard Mickey saying "I will crush them and bring them to dust". I realised that it was St. Antony talking to me. I have also spoken to many Arc Angles too.

If you have read POOJAS AND RITUALS section, you may ask me does Mickey's body shake when these people come into the body. The answer is NO. There is no shake at all. The shaking happens only for the evil spirits entering the persons (refer - Bootha kola) who are into these acts.

Then how am I able to recognise these heavenly people?

Each individual is different. As you and I are different, the same way the evil spirits and heavenly people too are different. You can make it our by the voice patterns, expression, the way they talk, the way they behave, etc. I have one little sister (she always wants to be called my elder sister) of mine who speaks only in Hindi. A couple of years back she was murdered in West Bengal. She has an Bengali accent when she talks to me in Hindi.

All these years I never spoke about this to anyone for the following reasons.

1. They will call me insane like my parents & my wife did (fear of the truth)
2. They will become jealous of me (Why me !!!)
In one of Mr. Bryon Smith's email replies, he mentioned this to me:-

You are 100% correct, you are being cursed by people who should love you.

Spirits come into my 8 year old daughter and talk and play with me. She too is like Mickey. Today boldly I am saying this out, since the real GOD will protect me from the people who are out to harm me.

"GOD the father", Mother Mary, Jesus, Arc Angles, Saints and heavenly people do exist.

I am not trying to convert anyone here. I am not putting down anyone's belief's. I am only relating MY personal spiritual  experiences. It is left up to you all to believe it or not. If you think I am telling the truth, then pray to the real "GOD the father". To pray to him, there is no need for you to convert into any religion / group.

Again I mention that "BELIEF" and "TRUTH" are entirely different.

Both my children are aware of what is going on in my life. They too talk to the "elders", "kids" and also "GOD the father".

You do not have to pray to Mother Mary, Arc Angles and Saints.  You intercede  to them (using their influence ;-D) requesting them to pray for you (on your behalf) to "GOD the father".

If you are walking towards the true GOD, beware !!! many hindrances (from the devil) will come your way.

Be brave and go ahead, for "GOD the father" will protect you.

"Path to heaven is not rosy but the path to hell is easy" - (Ravi)

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