Anytime someone finds my website now and manages to get a message to me there's usually a good reason for it.  Sometimes those people who find all kinds of faults on my site are people God sent to me for me to help them or someone else they know.  This morning I received a message from Dan.  Here is what Dan has to say.

On 3/27/2009 8:48 AM, Daniel Taylor wrote:

Hi Bryon

I happened to stumble across your website and it almost brought me to tears because you seemed to have dedicated your life to talking about matters you have absolutely no clue about. It is almost like listening to a 10year old child after his first religious studies class. Please Please Please LEARN, not read about religion and theology, then TALK to people of different beliefs and faiths. You have driven yourself into a dark secluded cavern of religious nothingness.

May God Help you!


Normally I won't post the negative messages people send me but when I read Dan's message the Holy Spirit kicked me a bit and before I could blacklist this guy and delete his message the Holy Spirit told me to respond.  I NEVER respond to people who write negative messages like this but for some reason the Holy Spirit wanted me to.  As I began to type an angel showed up looking over my right shoulder and for a moment I froze in place.  Then I smiled, laughed and said "felt you come in."  This angel was watching over my right shoulder at the message and what I was typing.

I could begin by tearing his little message apart piece by piece and explain that I don't read about religions and then pick on them.  God literally drug me thorough those churches and allowed those people to call me names, threaten my life and physically chase me out of their churches across the parking lots and away.  Then some of those religious people called me on the phone at work to threaten my life again.

Normally I wouldn't share it with other visitors to my site so they don't have to read the stuff I sometimes read but the Holy Spirit insisted people must read this message and my answer.  People need to understand their time is running out FAST and moments ago I just heard on the news the United Nations is making another attempt to create the One World Government we were warned about in the Bible.

My answer to Dan is as follows.
HI Dan,

Since hate mail usually doesn't make it past my mail filters and since the Holy Spirit of Christ compels me ("he came for a reason") I'm going to do something for you that I don't normally do. I'm going to explain some things to you. I'm going to let the Holy Spirit do most of the typing though as He's very good at that.  He tells me I should also post this message on the website since time is short and He has a purpose in me putting it out there to share with others. 
You should read every bit of it because God tells me He has a reason for you to have this message.  He wants you to print it out and show someone else what this crazy stupid old man who doesn't have a clue wrote for them.  Let's just see how good a servant you are for your God.

How much do you know about prophets of God, who they were, when they were called and what happened to them?  How much do you think you know about Elijah?  Keep him in mind as you read.  Remember he didn't have many friends and there was a good reason for that.  Few wanted to hear what he had to say.

Just before I received your message I got a message from a man who said basically "I've never known anyone with your depth of understanding of spiritual things."  He thanked me and continues to read and research to find all the truth he can because he knows the time is very short.  Just before that I received and answered another similar to that from a young man half way around the world who told me things that I know only God could have revealed to him.  Things he would be thrown out of a more traditional church for repeating.  He said "God brought His wife to me and..." basically introduced them.  Most people have no clue that God even has a wife, or wives as the case may be.  But if you search your Bible, in the Old Testament you will find His first wife mentioned there.  The reason people just can't get it is they think in human terms.  So the young man asks me "what in the world is that about?"  And I explained it to him.  No he's not crazy and yes that was God and His first wife and yes He brought that wife to this young man for a very special reason.  How do I know?  Because He did the same thing with me only in more depth and quite a few times.  She also has sisters and they are all beautiful.  Never a human woman was ever so beautiful.  Why would God share His wives with humans?  HA!  Once you know who they are it becomes clear you can't find the truth thinking in human terms.

Everything in our mortal world is either an emulation, mirror, inspired by or reproduction of things that exist in Heaven.  Things that happen in Heaven affect things on earth and things that happen on earth affect things in Heaven.  When Jesus was asked what is Heaven like He never would tell them in simple terms but he would say "It is like..."  And he would tell a parable.  I ask religious people who "think they have a clue" to explain and they come up with everything except the right answer usually.  The most common answer is "So it would be easier for people to understand."  Now and then I will find someone who truly understands but it is very rare.  If you can't find the answer on my pages or in the Bible then understand these things are spiritually discerned and only those who God reveals it to will understand.

On my first page on my Spiritual Things site I warn people that if they are not looking for the truth they should leave now and not continue.  The reason being the Truth is a double edged sword and a bitter fruit for most to swallow.  Yes, it makes them sick.  They don't like it.  They are going to read things on those pages they are not going to like!  Otherwise if they do continue they should know they were warned.  I tell people do not read a line or paragraph and think you have me figured out because you don't.  On one page you read about me talking about the mistakes of one church religion on concept and think I'm from some church or group that hates that one denomination.  Your wrong.  Keep reading and you will no doubt find me blasting the group from whom you think I was from.  Then you will shift your views and judge me again.  Keep reading and you will find out you were wrong again.  What is the truth?  The truth is God is blasting all the churches for not doing what God is telling them to do.

The Jews thought they were doing what God wanted them to do right?  But God sent prophets to warn them if they didn't do what God wanted they would be given over to their enemy and death and punishment would follow.  What happened?  The king of Babylon came against them, destroyed Jerusalem and took them all captive who survived back to Babylon!

You want to know what's happening now?  The very same thing.  God has sent quite a lot of special messengers having the spirit of the prophets of old to bring a warning to the churches of the world to do what God tells them to do and stop playing church and pretending to be His people when they aren't.

I take my orders directly from God, not from humans. I've stood face to face with a Baptist pastor who asked me a question and I told him that God told me what to say.  The pastor very bluntly said "That's not true because God doesn't talk to people anymore."  OH?  I know for a fact God's listening and a few days later that pastor had a heart attack and lost his church and soon after lost his life.  I don't think it's funny.  I'm not smiling about it.  I just know how God does things and I know when people talk to me He's listening.  Just like I know when I began this message an angel showed up at my right shoulder to watch how I answer.

Another woman from that same church became infuriated at me for the same thing and said "You're nothing.  If God was going to talk to someone it wouldn't be you it would be someone like me!"  Then she proceeded to tell me "I could kill you and God would forgive me."  And I said "Yes, I expect He would."  Shortly after she said that her daughter was killed in a car crash, her younger son was arrested for armed robbery, her older son got sick and nearly died and her husband divorced her.  The next time that woman saw me she never said a word but looked at me with what I might describe as terror in her eyes wondering who I am.  Anyone want this job?  You have no idea what your asking.

Most traditional churches have no idea that God still has prophets on earth, talks with them, sends them angels and directs them even though the Bible says in the last days your son's and daughters will prophesy.  There will be sings and wonders in the heavens and on earth.  You're young will have visions and your old will dream dreams.  Some will be given the spirit of Elijah and believe me few like the messages Elijah brings.  He condemns the people who play church and call upon God's name claiming they are of God when they are not.  I tell you here and now this is the time God was speaking about.  On my E-mail page I tell people very bluntly "if you can't write something nice don't write anything."  It's clear you can't understand and follow simple directions.  How then will you comprehend even little things that God sets forth for you?

Some have read my pages over and over again and study it.  They come back frequently to see what's new or what's changed.  They send me thank you E-mails and blessings.  These are the people who those pages are written for.  These are the ones who find the sweet taste of truth pleasing.  Among them are some of the Elite of God who will stand with Him on Zion when the time comes.  For others it is the bitter taste and for them it is not pleasing or wanted.  Their concepts of God can not be kept or held in their little box anymore.  These are the ones who think they have yet discover they don't have a clue and they will scream to God for mercy and some will scream at God in anger blaming Him for the things they got wrong.

Even so many today who believe they are saved are not saved and do not have the Holy Spirit which is the signature of Christ within them.
  They received a spirit of religion.  God did not create religion!  Humans did that by the inspiration of the devil.  The more religious a person is likely the further from God they are.  But the devil invented religion to mislead people and get them to worship him rather than God.

Though it is not complete everything I write on my site is true and factual.  If it wasn't God would have told me as He is the one who directs my words.  If I don't do what He says I would not be alive now.  God literally owns my soul and directs my work.  You should know His second coming is just around the corner but before that much fire will fall from the sky and billions of people will die.  Many will die screaming because they think they know what's going on when they don't.  If your not very careful you will be one of them.  You see that's what the weeping and gnashing of teeth is all about.

You are given a special clue in Revelations 14 where the Bible speaks of Zion and upon Zion

I was sent back from death to help guide the elite where they are intended to be.  I just answered several messages from very special people who God has called before I received your message.  :-)  God sent me one 15 year old deaf kid who has more knowledge about spiritual things than most people ever manage to receive in a life time.  This kind of knowledge is given by God and a person can not attain or earn it on their own.

I've fought off demons and still do, work with angels and will do exactly what God directs me to.  It's clear you can't even imagine what it is like to go in spirit and have a knock down drag out fight with demons or a full blown confrontation with the Devil.  If you did you would quickly understand why I seem to have lost my joy in life.  It certainly changes one's understanding and perspective of things.  The really crazy thing is before I knew all that I was the one who asked God to show me!  He did.  Then I thought "what was I thinking?"  Because once that box is opened you can't put the "things" back in it and close it up again.  I think one person described it as "Pandora's box."

I've been taken by the shadow of death, taken by angels to the Great City of Light where I met the ancient of Days and Christ the Lord Himself.  He is exactly who He says He is but He isn't always who religious people say He is.  He gets a bad rap and misunderstandings from people who preach who should keep their mouths shut.  I remember the first "Oh God" movie where John Denver told the preacher he should be selling shoes instead of preaching and calming to be sent by God.  The world is full of preachers who should be selling shoes.  I admit I'm one of the last people on earth someone might expect was sent by God.  Some who know who I am have asked "what prophet are you most like" and I answer "Jonah."  :-/

The angels returned me and this story is in my personal experience pages.

The second time I died I was taken to see the angel choir.  I met two very beautiful angels there who explained to me what the angel choir is.  I'll bet you don't know. :-)  Do they sing?  Yes the do but they do not sing a human song and you can't sing their song.  I bet you don't even know what an angel song is, but when you get past your own lack of comprehension then you can begin to learn.

Back to Zion the Lamb and the 144,000 elite of God.  Is it real?  Are they real?  What does the scripture say about them.  They are "spotless" and found without flaw before God.  They sing a song no one else can sing.  They are given a new name that only they and God know.  The elite of God are not the entire church body they are just what the Bible says they are.  And the rest of the church and people of the church do not know and can not understand the things the elite know for God has given this to them and them alone.  They know each other and they work with each other but the rest of the church will not accept or understand them for they are so far above the churches it is not possible for normal Christians to comprehend.

God has sent me with angels into the heavens, across the earth and into the underworld where these angels have verified for me the things mention in the Bible and a lot more.  I'm far past the faith stage and way into the knowing for a fact that such things are real and that God designed all these things for a reason.

Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam and Eve of the son's of Seth.  He was frequently "gone" because as the Bible says "He walked with God."  If you read the books of Enoch then you also know Enoch was the first of the "sons of man" to write.  You will know he was taken into the heavens by an angel who looked like a man.  You will know he was shown the heavens and the Heavens and was allowed to see the stars and planets and moons and to know their "going and coming."  You will know it was he who wrote the first story of creation and that it was from these scriptures that Moses taught the creation story.  You will also know the story Moses told was the VERY short version that left out a LOT of details.  Enoch wrote 365 books while in Heaven.  He met the Gregori on the second and fifth levels of Heaven who were the "sons of God who took to wife the daughters of men and had children by them who befouled the earth" with giants.  You would also know he returned with these books, lived upon the earth 365 years and an angel took him back into the Heavens and he did not die.  The number 365 is a mark of the earth and is known as the numeric signature of Enoch.  Enoch has the greater knowledge of Creation among human kind.  Elijah commands the power.  Neither of them died but were taken to Heaven to dwell until their time should come once again.

If you really did your homework you would also know the signature of Enoch is inside of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  You would know the name of the Israelites before they were called the children of Israel.  You would know what happened in Egypt before the children of Israel were taken captive.  You would know who built the Great Pyramid of Giza that is the alter in stone to the the Lord of Light (Cheops) and why the pharaoh of Egypt captured the children of Israel and took them into bondage.  You would even know the name of the city where they lived and what became of it.  You would know why Joseph (dreamer/coat of many colors) was sold into slavery by his brothers and why God wanted him in Egypt during that time.  All of these things happened before Moses was sent to set the children of Israel free.  You might also know the Egyptians also kept a record written in stone of these events and know that Moses didn't cross the Red Sea he crossed the Reed Sea with the children of Israel following.  There's a lot of things you might know if you did your research.

I see the smiling faces of the highly religious and some of them even claim they are prophets of God but I assure you they are the wolves in sheep's clothing.  They have no idea what a real prophet does or what they are put through.  In short prophets are called upon by God to deliver messages to people who refuse to hear and obey God's commands.  You read the Bible how much do you know about the prophets there?  You should know they are usually killed when they don't follow directions.  You should know they are sometimes killed by stupid religious people even when they do follow God's directions.  Even Elijah ran and hid from Jezebel's soldiers and he could call fire down from heaven and fry them!  But he ran and hid.  Jonah was told to preach in Nineveh but he said "if I tell them what you want me to tell them they will kill me!"  And if you read the story you know he ran for his life only to be brought back in the belly of a fish 3 days later to continue his mission.  How much do you really know about how God deals with His prophets?  How would you feel if you were terrified of a mission God sent you on and then was tossed at sea swallowed by a fish, spent 3 days in that fish only to be spit up again on the shores of a place where everyone there was ungodly?  Then know you had to go anyway to face those people to deliver God's message?

So how much do you think you know?  How does the Bible say God speaks with His prophets?  How does He make himself known to them?  If you read my entire site you would know and it is listed in the Bible.  I'm not going to tell you here I want to know if you know the answer or are willing to search for it.  Why?  Because most people who tell me to get a clue don't have a clue themselves and have vary little factual information to base their own judgments upon. Most of them are lazy and get their "truths" from their preacher or someone else but not from God.

I've met real prophets in my life and they are my brothers and sisters since God sent an angel to me to tell me I was among them.  You don't see them smile about much and their message for the world is not a happy message to smile about.  Their joy is inside them knowing that in the end they will receive what God has prepared for them.

I could give you a list of names of some of those people.  I frequently get messages from new people, nearly every day and they start off kinda like yours sometimes.  I post some of those messages on my website in the visitor pages but I bet you never read them before you sent me this message.  Because those people are saying things like "I'm so glad I found someone out here willing to tell the truth!"

I get my worst hate mail from Baptists and Catholics.  I also get some of my highest compliments from Baptists and Catholics who read my pages multiple times and God revealed the truth to them.  Those people are no longer Baptists or Catholics because the path they were searching for has now been illuminated for them.

Some rather famous and important people are friends of mine.  Some are on TV shows and I work with one of those people now and then, did nearly 90 TV shows with him and he's still on TV now and then on a popular singing program on one of the gospel networks.  He mingles among the religious and returned to write a song about those who play church and have no clue what the truth is or what they need to be doing.  In fact I linked one of those songs on one or two of my web pages.   One of them is on one of my E-mail pages.  This man has cast demons out of people witnessed by an entire church full of people.  The demon left in a green glowing orb of energy and a lot of people witnessed it.  How many demons have you cast out?  How many have you really truly helped?  I've lost count long ago but I set here every day answering messages and I have people come visit who ask for my help and sometimes just my company and some of those are respected recognized people.  Every single day without charge.  Soon I will drive hundreds of miles to help a woman do a house cleaning and blessing on her home to get an evil spirit off her land, all without any charge to her.  What have you done?

I've seen the religious pray for the sick and hopeless and it makes me sick because I know the only reason the do it is so someone else can see them pretending to be Godly.  It's the ones who go into their quiet place and pray for them and then do something to help when they can who God recognizes.

God tells me you are not saved, you are a child of religion.
  God revealed you and some of your friends to me in a night vision just before I woke this morning.  He says you and your friends are in the "mire" and your little vehicle is not moving very well in that mire.  I can see you and them climbing over the "things" that represent websites on the Internet searching for information that makes you feel better about your own beliefsFinding fault where the truth exists makes you and your friends feel better.  But in the end if you don't change your path you will be among those gnashing their teeth not believing what went wrong when the Light of Truth arrives in the Eastern sky.  It's easy to smile and tell someone else they don't have a clue when you and your friends are the ones who don't know what's going on.  And no it's not easy and no it's not fun most of the time and yes we deal with people's problems every day and some of them are very sick and in need and there's nothing much to smile about but there is a job that must be done.  There are two basic groups to.  Those who say they care and are doing the job when they aren't and those who really are caring and doing the job that God sent them to do.

Do not come to me and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about because everything that goes through here and people I see and people I don't see who read my pages that God gave me to share with them God knows about.  He knows the ones like you, he sees the hell's wolves and hounds and now and then He lets me kick their teeth out.  I admit I do find some pleasure in that.  He knows the dogs and he knows the elite that He sends to find those pages.  If you don't like what I write then read their messages.  Believe me I've got a LOT more where those came from that I have not posted but maybe it's about time I do.

The next time you tell someone they don't have a clue you better get your foot out of your mouth and be ready to prove it.  Because you can be certain God's angels are watching you and they will be watching after you read this so God knows if you live up to His standards or not.  I would just about be willing to say He will be sending you a new challenge and it will be one you won't like at all but you can be certain there will be a message and lesson to learn in it.

Some people are allowed as many as 3 messages until they can find their way into the Light of truth.  Some never find their way in fact most don't.  My real brothers and sisters remain in contact with me.  You are getting just this one message and no more will be given to you unless God sends you a special revelation with information that He gives me to recognize. 
Otherwise do not write me back.

Go ahead, print this message and take it to your preacher and let him know what I said, what God says and what you wrote to me.  Because in these things are a judgment and God is watching.  Once the message is delivered then the truth is spoken.  Things will happen.  At the Great White Throne Judgment God will present these things saying "Do you remember when I had my messenger tell you these things?"  "What did you do?"

You can't get the Holy Spirit from a church full of people who don't have it.  What you get from them is a spirit of religion that God didn't give them.  That spirit fills your heart and prevents the Holy Spirit from entering.  However you can fix that if you follow my instructions.  Yes I know what your spirit of religion says, it says "don't let him put doubt in your heart about your salvation!"  and "He's of the devil!  Don't listen to him!"  Let me ask you, do you think for one moment you have anything else to lose?  Do you think if you asked God to show you the truth and make certain you had the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that God would be offended ?  No He wouldn't!

I will be posting this entire message along with your message on my website.  My friends and I will be praying for you that God will reveal the truth to you and pray that you will ask His forgiveness for your own lack of understanding.  Then go to a church where the people really do have the Holy Spirit of God and pray and ask them to lay hands upon you and deliver the indwelling of the Holy Spirit into you so that finally God can open your eyes and let you see and understand the things that have been hidden from you.  Because until you do have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit your prayers for me and people like me have no effect, because the Father will not recognize your voice.

Any person who can't follow two simple instructions for sending me an E-mail isn't someone you want to take advice from.  They are not someone you want to confide in.  They are not someone you want to look up to.  They are someone who is in some serious need of a revelation from God.

Time is very short and I can't keep answering messages like these for well intending people with ignoramus brains.  So here it is for everyone to read and enjoy.  Weather you agree or disagree with me in this message and if you feel compelled to ask questions or print it off and take it to your pastor, minister, priest, that's wonderful!  Go show them what this crazy old man wrote on his website!

I'm not trying to trick or convert anyone.  I'm saying there are entire churches filled with people out there who's pastors, priests and ministers need to get the message and begin preaching the things that need to be taught.  Time is VERY short now before all kinds of bad things, wars, natural disasters, death and famine, and what we know as the Great Tribulation comes upon the earth.  Some of you think the Rapture is going to save you and for some it will but where they will be transported and when is the things you don't have the answers for.  But the Bible tells you to be ready and keep your lamps trimmed and burning.  Then it says pray your flight is not in winter!  Yes and who is the Bible talking to?  The ones who have their lamps trimmed and burning that's who!  So if they are going to all be saved by the rapture then why are they being warned what to do?

The angel of the Lord came to me and slapping me on the point of my left elbow as it was hanging over the edge of the bed he woke me.  He told me I would witness two great escapes.  He wasn't clear but what he was clear about was that I would know them when I see or experience them.  And the Bible says the first rapture is for the elite of God the 144,000.  This is not the entire church!  But these will be taken to Zion with the Lamb and they will make ready for war against the beast.

A second rapture will come taking many people into hiding places made ready for them by the angels and there they will remain while the beast and it's army search for them and hunt down others who are loyal to God and those who refuse the mark of the Beast.

Finally in the end when Christ comes those dead in Christ will rise and join him and those who remain will be caught up into the air and in the twinkling of an eye transformed.  Exactly when is not clear but likely after the 1000 years of peace upon the earth.
God's Voice!
On 5/12/2009 10:08 PM, Jeffrey wrote:
> It's about Gods voice. I want to hear it like you do, sometimes i feel that god just doesnt care for me as much but i know he does i just want to understand whats blocking me. We have alot in common except im 17. I know this is god working because i tried to email you b4 but it didnt work. im a truth seeker and i want to know what god has for the people for whom he has called.
> and i've had a question on my mind ; if i asked you
> could you ask God what he has to say about me? or ask him whats blocking me?
> over all i want god to make himself so apparent that i NEVER doubt again!!
I understand how you feel.

If you have read my personal pages where God first spoke to me when I lived in Joplin, MO I was reading the Bible late one night asking a simple question if God wanted me to go on a door to door campaign with some people from a multi-denominational church.  They said they were non-denominational and accepted people from all denominations.

They felt that God had compelled them to go door to door to witness and I questioned that it was God who had asked them to go door to door.  Then I considered it a test, if not for them then perhaps for me.  So I was praying and asking God if it was Hill will for me to take part in this campaign.  Then I lay upon my bed around 1 or 2 AM and fell through it into my very first full blown vision.  If you have read this story there's no reason for me to recap it.

Then I found myself floating above my bed and now I am seated upright with both hands in the air.  Then God spoke to me and  the entire house shook.  His voice was thunder and while everyone in the house heard the thunder and felt the building shaking I was the only one who heard God's voice in the thunder.

He called me by my given name as well as my spiritual name.  The name He gave me is my spiritual name and I answered to both.  Then He said "Don't do me any favors."  Along with the rest of the message  "You will be where I want you to be when I want you to be there.  You will say what I want you to say when I want you to say it.  You will do what I want you to do when I want you to do it."  Then repeated "Don't do me any favors."

You see I didn't really do anything all that special, but it was God who noticed me and decided to speak with me and answer my prayer.  At the same time He initiated Numbers 12:6 upon me making me one of His prophets.

This was a very traumatic life changing experience for me.  At that moment I knew without question that God was real, did hear my prayers and could answer them in no uncertain method.  I went from "faith" into the knowing for a fact God is real and can do such things just as the prophets of old wrote.

From that moment on when someone would ask me to do something in the name of God I remember God saying "don't do him any favors" and I would tell them "I'll ask God and see what He wants me to do."  And they looked at me like I was crazy.  Why?  Because they believed God doesn't talk to people anymore.  Yet I knew for a fact that He listens and He can speak with anyone He wants to speak with.

From then on I tell people that if they pray and fast and devote their hearts and souls to finding the truth and becoming one with God that if they never give up then one day God will answer them.  This is why Jesus said "keep knocking on the door.  Eventually the neighbor will get up and answer it if nothing else than to cause you to stop knocking.  He will give you want you want."  Another saying that means the same thing is "It's the squeaking door henge that gets oiled."

All I did was be persistent and believe that God could answer me just as He had those prophets in the Bible and I never gave up.  Yes I had many days of felling just like you do and went through depressions but I continued and my spirit continued to pray even when I was asleep and other times not thinking about it.  Then one night God did answer and people have been furious with me since that time.  But God does speak to others like me and I am not alone.  But the highly religious will tell me "God doesn't talk with you.  If he still spoke with people he would speak with me."  But for some reason he doesn't speak with them and they just don't get it.  You see they don't know what they are doing wrong.  Do you know what they are doing wrong?

They say "God doesn't talk with people like that anymore, but if he did he would talk to me not you."  They don't believe God talks with people anymore and then wonder why God doesn't talk to them.

But you are like me, you believe God can and will speak to who ever He wants and therefore you are closer to God than they are.

I can tell you God is doing another "awakening" and these things run in cycles.  God's angels are moving over the earth finding new people who have the faith required for God to touch their souls, to speak with them in methods mentioned in the Bible.  I'm not certain if this has all ready begun but I know if it hasn't it soon will.

As the Bible says God marks His people and He does this with His spirit, the Holy Spirit of Christ.

In time the beast will also mark his people just as the Bible says.  Terrible things will happen on earth and many thousands even millions will die.

You keep praying.  Your prayers are your lamp for God and you keep believing and never let anyone else fill you mind with doubt, God can hear and He will answer those who He finds acceptable.

Also remember that many will be saved who God will not speak to in this way at this time but angels will save them by God's command.  But He speaks with those who are given special jobs in His service.  For the things He gives them much is expected.  When I died the second time I saw the angel choir and heard their songs and I was so overwhelmed that when the beautiful lady angel (first I had ever seen like her) asked me if I wanted to remain with them I could but I said "I must return to tell everyone what I have seen."  And she sent me back.  I went out "fat dumb and happy" so thrilled at the things God had allowed me to witness only to be threatened, kicked out of churches and be told I have a demon in me by people who claimed to be God's people.  At every turn I was slapped in the face and after many more nights praying and falling asleep exhausted I decided it was the price I was paying for the things God had allowed me to see.  In time I began to understand, to see things from God's perspective.  To realize there are a multitude of people who will burn and others who will be lost simply because they were given a chance to repent and refused.  In a few words "they have it coming."  And this is why God will not remorse over those who are lost but will focus and rejoice over those who are saved.

I would like to post this on my site for others to read on the visitors pages.

I'm here anytime you want to Email.

Keep the faith, never give up.
==== Extra ====
Once after all these things God had done I thought He had forgotten me and I prayed for months saying "Have you forgotten me?" And one night I had a powerful night vision and I saw a thunder storm brewing and I saw the lightning and heard the thunder.  In the thunder I heard God's voice and He said "Bryon, I have not forgotten about you."
From then on I realized God would not forget about me and that spirit of being left alone left me and I got on with my business and my life.
Jeffery Wrote concerning the Awakening!
This "awakening" is already in the process. One time God came to me in my dream)and this is why i want to hear him more) and said to me one word..."AWAKEN". people all over talk about how this thing is going to happen but its started already. If he has told me to awaken then im positive he's told others as well.
Religious Concepts
I've witnessed many religious arguments as people present their cases and counter-cases concerning religion and God.  I've realized there are several categories of people who are literally blinded by religious concepts for various reasons.  There are very intelligent people who are guilty of making mistakes and missing the mark based on their religious convictions.  I've talked with people who honestly believe the Bible is the "Living Word of God."  Yet you can give the same Bible to 100 people and they will all draw something different from it.  Since God has spoken to me in no uncertain terms in a voice like thunder shaking the entire building while others in the house screamed in terror I can truthfully say the Bible IS NOT THE LIVING WORD OF GOD.  Why?  Because the Living Word of God is Christ and He's still speaking to people awakening them from their slumber.

There are those who believe the Bible is the infallible word of God yet we know there are many various translations of the Bible indicating even the scholars who translated it knew there were mistakes in the translations.

Realizing you can quote scriptures until you loose your voice you must accept anyone can and everyone can draw something different from it without ever winning an argument.  How would God Himself settle the argument?  I doubt He would spent a lot of time quoting the Bible.  I expect he would say something so very profound that no one could argue against Him.

Concerning translations and other things I posted this message on a forum but it turned out well enough I decided to share it with my visitors to this page.

I am sure these texts were told and retold as well as translated and retranslated over thousands of years.  There's no real way to know how old some texts were when they were copied or just how much of the text they copied from was still in perfect readable condition.  Then consider the usage of the words may change over time and the understanding of some words and terms may have been lost over time.

Without any doubt in my mind the truth is still out there and I believe our God would like us to rediscover it.

A friend of mine sent me a link this morning to a clip from Oh God with George Burns.  In this clip God tells John Denver about the six days it took to create the earth.  He said basically "The truth is I thought about it for five days then created it in one day."  Then he says "Then again my days are not your days.  When I got up this morning Sigmund Freud was still in medical school."

The point being that we as humans tend to place our restrictions upon the Creator being.  Everything that we are is based upon how we perceive our world and ourselves in general.  There are those who feel that a miracle isn't a miracle from God if science can explain it.  It isn't enough for them to wonder at a flower, or butterfly and consider that life itself is miracle enough to support the concept of the existence of a Creator God who made us with purpose in mind.

In the movie John asked God for help with our problems.  God answered ‟I gave you this world..." And John said ‟but we need help" and God answered, ‟That's why I gave you each other."

I tell people ‟Be the angel."  Some think where is God and they look for the angels but the truth is angels are all around us, if you know where to look.  It's our perception that prevents us from seeing or allows us to see the truth hidden in plain sight.  Now and then a person and sometimes people step up to the challenge to help their fellow humans without asking for anything in return.  In my mind these people are angels who didn't ask God to do it for them, they pitched in and helped each other because it was the right thing to do.

When people can see their God within them and working through each other to help each other instead of the other way around then I believe we have enough evidence to prove that God exists within us.  No amount of organized religion, or complex religious arguments can compare to the simple truth we can all find if we open our hearts and minds and focus on the things that are truly important.

The ancient Egyptians knew what was important despite the fact they strayed, they knew that one day the hearts of those who have lived would be weighed and they knew right from wrong.  The same basic truths have been handed to every civilization who has ever lived and this is why we find the same stories being told and retold by people all over the world.

Now and then bad things happen to good people but sometimes during those times people realize what is really important.  Their hearts are sometimes closer to God when they feel He is furthest from them.

If we can't find what we are looking for perhaps we are looking in the wrong places.  Perhaps we are looking for the wrong thing.  If we can't find the answer perhaps we are asking the wrong question.  Sometimes the people who spend the most time trying to convince others is the person who's looking for a reason to be convinced.  Looking for evidence of the greatness of God.  If a person wants to see an angel all they need to do is open their eyes and look around.  At some moment when they least expect they may discover they are an angel in disguise.

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